At Little Darlings we value art and craft within our curriculum to help children experience the fun of creativity and the satisfaction of their individual creations.
To make the experience of art valuable it is important the craft materials provided are age appropriate, stimulating and easy to use. This allows for a non-fail experience for children.

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Participating in arts and crafts activates both the linear, left hemisphere and the creative, non-sequential right hemisphere of the brain. Generally, here is how the two sides of our brain process information:
Left Hemisphere: Logical, Sequential Activated by reading, maths, or linear problem solving
Right Hemisphere: Creative, Intuitive Activated by art, music, drama

Other developmental benefits of Art and Craft
• Imagine, create, express
• Develop self-confidence and self-discipline
• Interpret and reflect life
• Experience an important window to different cultures and values
• Are open to new pathways for learning all subjects
• Think critically, solve problems and make informed judgments
• Work cooperatively within groups
• Appreciate other points of view
Some fun Art and Craft at little darlings that are so easy to do at home with your children.

Using nature to paint with. Use sticks and a bit of twine to secure leaves at the end of the stick to create a paint brush



Fun alligator foot prints ….just use your children’s feet and something for the eyes. web 2

Stained glass windows using contact and cellophane

Shaving cream painting using food colouring (This is also a fantastic science experience for mixing colours)


pic 3
Nature bracelets using nature items from the outdoors and the children chose to add glitter
SAM_7409   SAM_7405

Printing using gumnuts as an extension of family input


Sunflowers made out of hand prints as a part of our Superfriend program which we have been implementing in our preschool room.


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