Little Yogies

I would like to share with you the fantastic yoga sessions at Little Darlings each week.
Sonnie a parent at our service runs her own yoga curriculum called ‘LITTLE YOGIES”

Below is a write up of her most recent yoga lesson held at Little Darlings Child Care Centre

Dear Parents,

As both the Pirates/Mermaids and Sunflowers have been discussing healthy food choices this week, our yoga lesson followed along from this theme.

To bring the topic to life, our class was based on the book ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ by Eric Carle.

We began our lesson with a little talk about healthy foods and how they keep our bodies strong.

After singing our ‘glasses’ song we read the book. Not surprisingly, many of the children knew the book off by heart and were pretty chuffed that they had their own copy at home!

We then weaved the story of the hungry caterpillar into our yoga lesson, with the caterpillar going on a journey and meeting various animals along the way who give him some tasty treats to eat.

Our poses today included:

• Cat
• Dog
• Horse
• Bird
• Giraffe
• Gorilla
• Frog – who called the Dr on the telephone when the caterpillar complained of his tummy ache. Ask for a demo of the phone call, it was a classic to watch!!
• Butterfly

We then practised our mindful listening with the singing bowl followed by a nice relaxation where the children sent friendly wishes to themselves, a loved one and a classmate.

For craft today, the children had to sort the foods the caterpillar ate into healthy foods and sometimes foods. I have some pictures for you to share with the children and will send these on a separate email. The end result will be displayed in each room.

Have a lovely weekend.

Warm Regards

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