Little Darlings Kitchen

One of Little Darlings’ pride and joys is the kitchen, lead by Mary – a loving parent and qualified cook. Mary and her cooking aid prepare nutritious and delicious meals daily in a clean and safe environment.

All meals fit within the Get Up and Grow Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Early Childhood. Children’s recommended daily intake is also accounted for as well as dietary requirements relating to health and culture. All meals are served in our meal rooms where children discuss nutrition as well as etiquette and manners.

Our menu rotates over 4 weeks and is changed every 6 months, to cater for variety and seasonal availability. We cater for food allergies and parent input to provide an inclusive environment for all families, regardless of cultural backgrounds.

Meals provided include:
Breakfast (until 8am).
Morning Tea.
Afternoon Tea.
Late Afternoon Tea (at 5:15pm).

Watch this space for the Little Darlings cookbook.


Little Darlings Childcare