Our Story

Little Darlings Childcare Centre is a dream my sister and I have had for many years, having always shared a strong desire to create a space for children where they could be nurtured, cared for, respected and educated in a beautiful and fun environment.

Drawing upon our training and expertise in Teaching and Early Childhood Education, and Poppy’s business know how, we were certain we had the right mix of passion, qualifications and business savvy to create something special. So on a beautiful sunny day in May 2003 something special was created, the first Little Darlings Childcare Centre.

Like all family businesses, each family member has been instrumental in bringing the dream to life. Our father Steve searched high and low for just the right property and location, and lovingly assisted in the renovations to help create a colourful, serene and homely environment where as parents, we would be happy to bring our own kids. With the help of our dad, each room took on a life of its own and different themed rooms emerged all conducive to different levels of fun, play and education. Our mother, Mary immediately took on the role that always came easy to her in our own household, that of Head Chef. Day in and day out, Mary ensures that all kids are fed delicious and nutritional home cooked meals, with no processed nasties.

As mothers (I have two young children and Poppy four) we have a genuine interest in the education and development of children and we strongly believe that the first 4 years of a child’s life are the most crucial in all areas of development. As such we have made it our goal to constantly update our skills and knowledge as a team by regularly attending educational seminars and workshops, to keep abreast of new teaching methods and to keep improving our knowledge and service to the children we care for. Our staff work in accordance to a tried and tested curriculum and method of teaching that I have personally designed in conjunction with the Early Years Learning Framework, which is a national requirement under the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACEQUA).

Our centre motto is CARE – RESPECT – EDUCATION – AN EXTENSION OF THE HOME and it’s something we practise daily. By providing a clean, warm, professional and safe environment with quality staff that work to the highest standard, we’ve created a space to nurture and invest in your children. We also strongly believe in maintaining a close relationship with families and our community. It’s these practices that brought overwhelming success to our first centre, and saw another centre being created on a sunny day exactly 3 years after the first in Woolooware.

How can we ensure high standard of service and consistency from both centres? The answer is we care and have passion about what we have established and more importantly the children we care for come first.

We look forward to welcoming you and your little darlings to the childcare centre Poppy and I have so proudly created.

Marika Gouveros
Poppy Stamateris
Owners and Approved Providers

Little Darlings Childcare