Our Little Darlings in our school preparation rooms are thriving and enjoying the process of learning to read! Learning to read involves a process of learning and understanding the sounds and connections of letters in the alphabet. This is a complex process and requires consistency and time to achieve. This is how we teach reading to our preschoolers at little darlings. Phonemic Awareness This is where learning to re
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My team and I are always reflecting and working on updating our knowledge and methods at Little Darlings to benefit the children in our care. Bree our supervisor came across this article by doterra blog link below: about Essential Oils in the classroom. http://doterrablog.com/essential-oils-in-the-classroom-part-1/ We put the oils to practice by playing “guess that smell” with the children. The children had the choic
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Our little darlings were enjoying a mad hatter tea party whilst playing outdoors today! I had some great props from my daughters Alice in Wonderland Party that added to their play in such a fun way. They are so easy to make and can be used again and again….. Black and white tic toc clocks. They look amazing hung up Photo booth props of mad hatter hats, queen of hearts head piece, cheshire cat Teapot cup cake toppers
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Little Darlings has its own mr fix it or as the children call him BOB THE BUILDER Harry my brother in law has been very busy creating some cool organic and authentic toys for both of our centres. The creations that Harry has made exercise children’s creative thinking within their play, build confidence as they are challenging but non fail fun toys, extend cognition skills by making children think and complete t
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Activity ideas and safety messages from kids and traffic

Recently our team at little darlings attended a kids and traffic seminar called OUT AND ABOUT: SAFE JOURNEYS WITH KIDS. The holiday period is near approaching and families may be taking long car trips to reach their holiday destinations. After attending the seminar I thought the information below adapted from; kids and traffic early childhood road and safety education program may be of good use to help your trip run
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A quick note on Sensory Processing Disorder from our OT

Little Darlings keeps up to date with childrens development through regular meetings with various specialist. Our Occupational Therapist, Nick Janicaud, sent us through the link below as an interesting read and we though we would share it with you.   Happy Reading!   SensoryProcessingDisorders
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How to deal with sibling Rivalry!

I came across this article today and had to share with all my families at little darlings! Sibling rivalry can be difficult to deal with so I hope this article I have attached below from smart parenting helps! ( link below) Toddler The 10 Commandments of Dealing with Sibling Rivalry By Cecile Jusi-Baltazar | 12 September 2011 These tips can help you survive your kids’ squabbles. Sometimes, without intending to, paren
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At Little Darlings we value art and craft within our curriculum to help children experience the fun of creativity and the satisfaction of their individual creations. To make the experience of art valuable it is important the craft materials provided are age appropriate, stimulating and easy to use. This allows for a non-fail experience for children. Participating in arts and crafts activates both the linear, left hem
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Little Yogies

I would like to share with you the fantastic yoga sessions at Little Darlings each week. Sonnie a parent at our service runs her own yoga curriculum called ‘LITTLE YOGIES” Below is a write up of her most recent yoga lesson held at Little Darlings Child Care Centre Dear Parents, As both the Pirates/Mermaids and Sunflowers have been discussing healthy food choices this week, our yoga lesson followed along from this the
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Developing the correct pencil grip is important for your child’s development. To establish the correct pencil grip children need to exercise their fine motor muscles before trying to learn the correct pencil grip. Working on dexterity and strength first can eliminate the development of an inappropriate pencil grasp. Within our curriculum we adapt the following fine motor activities that involve the use of manipulatio
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