Eye Q came to Little Darlings

Amy and Emilie from Eye Q Optometrists at Ramsgate visited the centre Wednesday and Thursday this week. They conducted a specialized screening that assesses a lot more than your ordinary vision screening! 19 children from the 4-5 room were checked to ensure their eyes were ‘School Ready!’   Amy and Emilie assessed the children’s eye sight, colour vision and depth perception. Further, they assessed each child’s prescr
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At Little Darlings we try to create an environment that enables scientific thinking as well as the opportunity to have time, space, and materials to exercise their curiosity. This environment results in children freely engaging in child-centered explorations, experimentations, and explanations. This happened today when the children wondered how they could make the boats move faster in the water tray. To answer this,
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The Benefits of Playdough

We all know play dough is extremely popular with young Children. It not only keeps children entertained with lots of fun mess it also has a lot of benefits for young children. At Little Darlings play dough is a big part of our curriculum. Some of the benefits include: • FINE MOTOR MUSCLES As the children are manipulating the play dough, they are also building and strengthening their muscles and tendons. This assists
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Alice in Wonderland themed Party

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE WE GO!!!!!  I recently had my daughters 2nd Birthday and we had an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party! We set up a long Mad Hatter Tea Party table decorated with teapots and lots of polka dots and stripes. A photo booth with themed props using a gold vintage large frame, arrows around the garden guiding us down the rabbit hole, Queen of heart balloons on sticks placed around the garden, and
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Red nose day is a great cause to raise money for sudden infant death syndrome. Sudden infant death syndrome is a terrible disease that has affected many families including one of our own at Little Darlings. Every year we try to support this cause by raising the most money we can. This year to make it interesting we had a pink day theme. Everyone looked very bright in pink with fun activities to go with it. To end our
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Making meal times fun is important as it encourages your little one to eat. A change of scenery is good and you can even get creative, it will make meal times fun as well as a great way to bond with your children and spend quality time. It was a sunny day today and on Yia Yia Mary’s menu we had scrolls. The children love love love this dish ! We decided to have a teddy bears picnic and set off outside for our lunch.
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YIA YIA SAYS: Tips on getting your child to eat

Today I thought I would share with you my mother’s secrets on how you can get your children to eat everything you want them to. I’ve tried it and it works!!!! When I asked my mother in desperation how I could get my children to eat she replied ” it’s easy just watch what I do”. So I did. 1) You need to be a good role model choose healthy foods, make the time to cook healthy foods don’t just give int
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Yia Yia’s Bolognese was my favourite dish growing up as a child. I remember just never having enough, this is the case even today. I always felt there was something special about this Receipe and I think everyone should know the tricks to Yia Yias Bolognese. This morning at Little Darlings Yia yia did a cooking session with the children making her famous Bolognese. Yia yia had all the ingredients ready, lamb mince, c
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After 11 years Mary our super mum referred to as “Yia Yia” (meaning grandmother in Greek) is finally releasing her tried and tested receipes into a long overdue cook book. Mary is our chef at both our preschools ‘Little Darlings’ over the past decade Parents attending our preschools have been begging for Mary’s recipes, as their children constantly reply; “that’s not how Mary makes it”. So fin
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